AI for Health Summit 2022


Khaled Sarsour


VP Analytics And Insight RWE


Dr. Khaled Sarsour is leading the Data Science and RWE technical and methodological excellence across Therapeutic Areas and Functions, focused on driving deep impact for the pipeline and patients. Khaled’s RWE team is in charge of the development and validation of RWE based endpoints, the study of the natural history of diseases, development and approval of external control arms and use of RWD to enhance risk stratification, patient finding and clinical operations. Dr. Sarsour joined Janssen from the Genentech/Roche organization where he held a number of positions of successively increasing responsibilities. Most recently he was the Global Head of Data Science and Real-World Evidence (RWE) for Hematology, contributing to the functional mission, vision and strategy and leading a group of multidisciplinary scientists delivering RWE

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