AI for Health Summit 2022


Antonio Borderia

ADLIN Science

Executive Vice-President Business Development


"Promises of innovation, change, acceleration, even revolution in every sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to offer considerable prospects for the future. Health is no exception to the rule. Acceleration of scientific discoveries, improvement in the identification of pathologies, better targeting of treatments, acceleration in the discovery of new therapeutic molecules, or of course the concrete appearance of precision medicine. Unfortunately, there are still many constraints. Access to data, their aggregation allowing efficient training of increasingly complex models, is today the main constraint. Our masterclass presents a use-case in pediatric oncology unveiling how by accelerating a better structuration, interoperability, quality and access to the data the challenge of tomorrow will no longer be to develop models but to ensure the ability of health actors and beyond to use them, exploit them and make them bear fruit."

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