AI for Health Summit 2022

🇬🇧 How to evolve from a research-based innovation in genomics to an industrialized SaaS product?

Nov 16, 2022 | 10:40 AM CET - 10:55 AM CET


These five last years, thanks to the acceleration of technologies in DNA analysis and their greater accessibility, many research projects are interested in the detection and diagnosis of targeted pathologies. MS INSIGHT, a spin-off of an APHP research project, has developed an algorithm to better characterize MSI cancers based on tumor DNA analysis. How to evolve from Researcher to Entrepreneur in a technology company? How do you integrate into the IT systems of healthcare institutions? How to create value for the user? Arnaud CUTIVET, CEO of MS INSIGHT and Thomas WALTER, Founder of HOKLA will share their experience and the key success factors to launch a SaaS product promoted by healthcare professionals while being profitable for the company.

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