AI for Health Summit 2022

🇫🇷 Construire le futur de la psychiatrie de précision dans le parcours de soin de pathologies psychiatriques de l'hôpital jusqu'à chez-soi

Nov 16, 2022 | 12:00 PM CET - 12:10 PM CET


Current approaches to the detection, diagnosis and monitoring of psychiatric disorders rely heavily on the experience of the psychiatrist and on physician-patient questionnaires that are mostly inaccurate and ineffective in providing a reliable assessment of symptoms. Despite the strong use of AI in other medical specialties, it is struggling to establish itself in psychiatry despite the fact that its many use cases are real: analysis of weak signals in voice or behaviour, monitoring of real-life data and digital phenotype for relapse prediction and treatment effectiveness, risk stratification or prediction of the best treatment for the patient.

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