AI for Health Summit 2022


Sonio’s mission is to improve detection, diagnosis and care of congenital malformations, thus improving parents’ journey throughout pregnancy, enabling better outcomes for the future baby, reducing liability for physicians and reducing healthcare costs. Today, Sonio develops an AI-enabled software, used by sonographers and ob/gyns during fetal ultrasound examination to get faster to the right diagnosis. The technology relies on two patented algorithms and an expert proprietary database. As a standalone software, Sonio is an intelligent decision tree, using only inputs from practitioners and real-time computing tons of information to guide towards the next most probable sign and diagnosis. We help diagnose benign anomalies as well as rare genetic diseases or other polymalformative syndromes. Our everyday motivation is to see our technology improve the daily routine of physicians and daily life of future moms and children all around the world. Our fantastic team is made of best-in-class experts in fetal medicine from Hopital Necker in Paris, top notch datascientists from Ecole Polytechnique specialised in AI for health, and a CEO bringing in strong network and business skills. We have been selected and accelerated by Paris Biotech Santé, Deeptech Founders and WILCO Healthcare. We have mentors among the most successful entrepreneurs in the field and our credibility is guaranteed by the prestigious background of physicians and mathematicians in the team. In just a few months, since creation in April 2020, we’ve moved from a research project to an ambitious startup launched full speed to rapidly reach its first milestones: 1st product finalised and CE mark in May 2021, FDA approval in 2022, new R&D projects.

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