AI for Health Summit 2022


Our SaaS platform Alakin replaces today’s rigid, pre-built, pre-set remote patient monitoring solutions with one powerful open platform. Providers now have unlimited freedom to implement and customize any digital care programs they want. The flexible care pathway builder allows doctors to finetune care workflows to their needs and protocols, either creating remote care programs from scratch or by leveraging existing protocols from leading healthcare organizations. These workflows are then instantly transformed into device agnostic patient applications, empowering patients to manage parts of their care journey themselves. Automated remote care plans are ideal for numerous scenarios, notably: - Transition of care - Episodic care - Chronic care We meet the needs of a growing patient population, lowering the likelihood of hospital admission and improving clinical outcomes without adding to the burden on clinical teams. At today’s healthcare crossroads, our automated remote care platform is the solution that enables – at scale and no code - better overall quality of care, better clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient engagement.

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