AI for Health Summit 2022

Senior Backend Engineer


We are recruiting senior backend engineers to join our technical team and build our anonymization solution. Our technical challenges We have the chance to work on a very innovative subject and to be often confronted with the limits of the state of the art. Our current challenges are : - To efficiently manage larger volumes of data (100 Gb - 1 Tb) - Diversify the types of input data managed (time series, relational data, geolocation, etc.) - Simplify integration with different origins (relational databases, feeds such as Kafka, etc.) - Automate and simplify data preparation before anonymization - Improve metrics to assess privacy and data utility We are a team motivated by the desire to learn and to confront complex technical problems for which there are no existing solutions. Our stack and processes are evolving rapidly: join us to help us implement them! Given the technical context, we rely heavily on Python (especially for its data libraries: pandas, numpy, etc.). Your responsibilities - Design, develop, document, test, deploy and monitor our anonymization solution - Support your teammates by providing coaching, mentoring on best practices, architecture, design patterns, communication, etc. - Contribute to building our culture and defining our way of working. - Participate in recruitment. Beyond these topics, you can also participate in these activities according to your desires: - Strategic thinking on our product positioning, open source, commercial, etc. - Direct participation in customer relationship management. - Contribution to data science and our mathematical models. Your skills and knowledge To support the growth of the team, we are currently looking for experienced profiles (7 years of experience or more). However, if you are passionate about our mission, don't hesitate to apply, whatever your level of experience! - You master Python development and at least one other language. Our stack is not yet fully defined, by joining us you can help us define it! - You master the command line, Git and the Linux environment. You know Docker and Kubernetes. - You know how to write documentation, specs and design technical architectures. - You know at least one relational db (Postgres, MySQL, etc.) - You know at least one nosql db (ElasticSearch, Redis, Cassandra, etc.) - You are familiar with the OWASP Top 10 (SQL injections, XSS, etc.) and you apply good defense practices in your code. - You are a team player and want to create an environment of mutual support and continuous learning. - You pay a lot of attention to your communication (especially in English) and are able to popularize a technical topic for a non-technical audience. If you have these skills, it will be considered a plus: - Functional programming - High availability distributed architecture - Passion for cybersecurity - Experience with French clouds: OVH, CleverCloud, ScaleWay, etc. - Data science libraries: pytorch, scikit-learn, etc. - Deployment of ML models - Mentoring We welcome self-taught profiles and those in retraining. Our environment - A budget of 3000 euros to equip you properly, plus an ultra wide screen. - A spacious office in Nantes and flexibility on hours and telecommuting. - We actively support continuous learning: quarterly book budget, annual conference budget. - Participation in open source development encouraged. - Salary according to profile

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