AI for Health Summit 2022


Augmenting doctors with the power of AI AZmed was founded with the aim of improving working conditions for doctors. We develop solutions based on artificial intelligence to optimize their workflow, enhance their performance and contribute to improve the quality of care. Our mission is to put the doctor-patient relationship at the core of concerns. AZmed has developed Rayvolve, a computer-aided diagnosis tool based on artificial intelligence that detects all types of fractures in radiography. Rayvolve is the first French CE-marked medical device in its category. Benefits : Save time: Assisted by the algorithm that highlights potential fractures, doctors' efficiency is improved, they will be quicker to analyze medical images allowing them to focus on more complex diagnoses. Accuracy: doctors will make fewer diagnostic errors and will be able to work more calmly, with confidence. Doctors will be able to enhance the time spent with each patient in the future by devoting more time to communicating with healthcare teams and transmitting the diagnosis.

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